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Designer & Developer
July - Aug 2018
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Web Design & Dev, Backend, Content
Angular, Ionic, Adobe XD

The BitPay Support Desk was actually my very first full design at the company. As part of my internship project over the summer of 2018, I was tasked with rebuilding the Support Desk from scratch in the latest Angular version (original was built in 1). Previously just a dropdown and a form, the idea for the new version was to guide the user and attempt to help them if possible while reducing tickets.

Looking back from 2020, it is definitely fun to see the progress and reflect on how many mistakes I made. I am very grateful I had the chance to design and build this; it was a huge learning opportunity that helped me grow into the style I have today.

This was definitely not the best idea in retrospect; we basically elongated the process of creating a support ticket. We are working towards another full upgrade to our Support Desk so I am pretty excited to see what we come up with.