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I'm really excited to share the latest project we've been working on; this project was a concept brainstormed amongst engineers working on the gift card product about 3 years ago and we finally had a chance to build it.

Pay with BitPay is an open-source, privacy first approach to making crypto easier to use while you browse the web.

Lead Product Designer, Developer
2 Developers
Mar - May 2020
What I did
UX Research, Interface Design, Animations, Branding, Marketing
React + TS, Framer Motion, Sketch

Checkout Seamlessly   ⚡️

We created a browser extension that seamlessly plugs into your checkout experience as you shop. Either alerting you of direct crypto acceptance or ability to purchase store credit.

With a few clicks while on Amazon, you can:

  1. 1
    Generate a payment for the exact amount as your Cart
  2. 2
    Pay it with any crypto we support [BTC, BCH, ETH, USDC...]
  3. 3
    Receive your store credit code in the app
  4. 4
    Redeem it instantly & checkout

Incognito Mode for Spending   🕶

Security and privacy is our top priority so we made the extension codebase open-source like our wallet. Your store credit codes live entirely in the app plus your personal information and transaction data is kept private from the merchant.

We think growing adoption means creatively utilizing existing systems. With the possibility of fluid-denomination gift cards, we sensed an opportunity to redefine one of the most private forms of payment available with a slick interface that just works.

Download it for Chrome, Brave, Firefox, or Opera

Pay with BitPay - Convert crypto to store credit seamlessly at checkout | Product Hunt

Behind the Scenes

Like I mentioned previously, the idea for this app has been floated internally for quite some time. Last year I created BitPay's first public directory of our partners and integrations. This was in effort to make it easier for people to discover brands and find out how to use crypto. Over the last year, the "Merchant Directory" has been gaining a lot more traction with our partners. Naturally we were looking for ways to take the concept to the next level.

What if you could be prompted automatically during checkout to use crypto?

An extension seemed like the next obvious step to supercharge our gift card service and promote brand discovery. We already sold gift cards in our mobile wallet for a few years now but we needed to bring this capability to the desktop. With the recent acquisition of Honey, we knew there was something here worth pursuing.

After some initial discussion amongst the team, we were off to the races. Over the course of a month, I designed the entire experience end-to-end using a variety of principles we learned from previous projects. You can find extended breakdowns of the design process and app behaviors in the UI Breakdown section.

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