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It’s critical that we design the best possible onboarding experience for anybody who is interested in entering the DeFi space. If last year is any indication, millions of new users will enter the space and we need to be the go-to-place for them to get up and running. Whether our new users are coming from Uniswap, a Centralized Exchange, or they’re brand new, we should guide them through the steps required to make their first trade on Matcha.

This beautiful design is by Patryk Adas.


Get Started

A walkthrough into self custody

Direct linking

Exchange specific landing pages

Select Wallet

Leveraging familiar brands and flows

Download Wallet

Guiding you through setup

Here you can really clearly see I was able to plug and play the Pretty QRs from BitPay, originally developed by Jason Dreyzehner. They are quite remarkable looking and you can animate them as long as you have some way to detect scan. In this case we can add an animation when the user connects their wallet and then smoothly animate to the next state.

Connect Wallet

Pairing made intuitive & native

Wallet Connected

Starting the next phase
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