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0x Labs  🍵

0x is an liquidity aggregation API for decentralized exchange.

The protocol is governed by the ZRX token.

To showcase the experience and redefine DEXs, the team launched their own trading platform in mid 2020.

I worked on matcha.xyz ~


Matcha  🍵
Matcha  🍵
Decentralized crypto trading for the masses

If you take a look at the product, it's really incredible to see how far decentralized applications have come. This is what DEXs looked like when I first heard about them in 2017.

Onboarding V2
Onboarding V2
0-to-1 walkthrough into DeFi
Q1 2021
Matcha Moolah
Matcha Moolah
Referral contest giving away $50,000 in ETH
Dec 2020