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During the very beginning of my sophomore year at Georgia Tech (Fall 2017), I was able to meet a couple guys starting a boutique mobile development shop. I joined on as one of Appsketier's only UX designer, working with clients to mold their ideas into a usable experience.

As we got further along as a company, the role eventually transformed into full development pipeline management. Each app needed to be built and shipped within a tight time frame so I was responsible for communicating with and managing the output of our offshore development team in India.

The role was a lot of fun and incredibly demanding; personally managing clients on the phone was challenging but also incredibly insightful. The high volume of designs I churned out molded me into the fast designer I am today. Finally, communicating an engineering workflow and feature requirements to a team in an another country was difficult but granted me extremely valuable experience in leadership and management.

I eventually left Appsketiers as I decided to focus more on BitPay.