Creative Director @Graph House 💎

“Two months into Freshman year and you already have a job at a startup!?!” ‘Yeah, that’s Georgia Tech for you.’

My first semester of college was equal parts hectic, frightening, and amazing. I really wanted to hit the ground running so I immediately joined every club that I had even a remote interest in, just to see what stuck. My involvement with Graph House began really when I attended Startup Exchange’s Kickoff Meeting, Tech’s largest student entrepreneurial community that supports students in creating and developing their ventures. It sounded like it was exactly up my alley and I left with a feeling that I was about meet some very cool people. Within the week, I received an email promoting applications for SE’s newest venture Graph House which billed itself as a Design & Marketing Agency focused on providing affordable services to not only Tech students but the rapidly growing Atlanta community. I applied with the intentions of exercising my creative side; I knew if I didn’t use it I would lose it so the opportunity to be apart of a design agency seemed like a perfect way to expand myself holistically. The following day Stephen Song, one of the founders of Graph House, reached out to me in what turned out to be a moderately difficult interview/discussion where he asked me to design spontaneously and discuss my mental process 🙃. He liked my photos and asked me to take another to demonstrate my ability; luckily he liked it and here I am! Stephen and Jihad both defined my role as focusing more towards coming up with experimental & creative ideas to execute rather than strictly acting as a designer or photographer. I’m very excited to be a part of the Graph House team and hopefully we’ll do great things in the new year.