🍦 Fall Semester Done! 🍦

So I just finished my first semester of college and wanted to write this post as a way of reflecting over the first 4 months of college. Looking back, I am definitely amazed at how much as happened. Either significant or not, I firmly believe that every person I met, events experienced, and relationships made have drastically changed me to be a much more confident and truly optimistic person in a way that manifests as pure ambition. Many of the students are Tech are incredibly bright and are already launching companies, developing their career, and doing research, all while excelling in their classes. This sort of environment has driven me to pursue my own goals aggressively and persistently; for me, the stress of not wasting time has significantly boosted my motivation to continually learn and expand myself.

Also, the friends I have made here so far must also be given credit. It’s amazing that I can say I have a friend from Albania, Venezuela, Mexico, Jordan, Colombia, Honduras, Czech Republic, Greece, Qatar, Ethiopia, Korea, China, Argentina, Uruguay, India, and Jamaica. Simply spending time with them fuel my desire to travel and experience their cultures for myself. Right now, I’m trying to figure out anyway that I can generate enough cash to fund this because the course selection for Tech’s study abroad programs are not working out in my favor which makes it difficult to both travel and graduate on-time. Over the last few weeks, I rekindled my interest in Penny Stocks in an effort to try to make money. It is definitely one of the more lucrative areas with minimal entry costs so currently I’m working with Quantopian’s API and Pandas to write an algorithm that can constantly scan micro-cap stocks (under $5) against technical patterns I have found over the last year to provide a short list for trading. Eventually, I want to fine tune these algorithms to trade by themselves specific to penny stocks. Additionally to this, I’m conducting separate algorithmic trading research on proven strategies so I can implement them with my father’s larger account. Hopefully, this project works out for me as I’m very interested in FinTech and want to move towards combining CS with Finance.

Another project I’ve started recently dives into Logistics Optimization. This is a field that I believe has a massive potential for growth in the coming decade as more and more developing countries become manufacturing powerhouses and the movement of assets become increasingly complex. Tiny inefficiencies can lead to massive unnecessary expenditures at scale and this can cut into an already razor thin margin for companies that have to move high volume/low value product. With this very general problem in mind, I’ve identified specific inefficiencies with help of my father who works as a SAP TM Solution Architect. Currently I’m in the process of gathering a team and developing a prototype that can meet basic functionality and expand from there. I believe this project to be a legitimate business opportunity and so I’m pursuing it with fervor. Worst case scenario, it’ll be a great learning opportunity.

Other than my projects that I plan to work on over Winter Break and into the Spring, a lot has happened over the last semester. I applied for Tech’s Steven A. Denning Technology & Management Program which integrates Computing & Business. Hopefully, this comes through as I’m very interested in studying business while at GT and would love to do it in a combined program. Also, I got a job at one of Tech’s newest startups Graph House as a Creative Director. Juggling everything over the coming semester will definitely be hectic but well worth it as I’m looking for a summer internship and every little bit helps.

Update: 5/12/17

Decided to leave Graph House to focus more on developing my own projects and create a brand. Also, decided to drop Logistics project simply due to Uber launching Uber Freight which is an absolutely brilliant move on Uber’s part. As always I’m constantly on the move and thinking of the next thing to work on, looks like my next frontier will be cryptocurrency.